Honours Board

Throughout the Club's history there has been an internal league competition. The format of this has always been an all-play-all format within a particular division. Over the course of time, the number of divisions has expanded.

With this format in place, a second award was initiated in 2004 and is made to the person who has most improved their league playing record from the previous year.

Although the majority of members do take part in the league, participation is not mandatory and members may opt out of playing should they so wish.

This section gives details of the winners of each division since its inception and the winners of the best improved player award.

Clicking on the year will give full details of the final league positions. Note that this is only available for the more recent years.

Year Division A Division Alpha Division B Division C Best Improver
2018 David Sutton Iris Cornish Ken Eggleton - Nicki Woodward
2017 David Sutton Sue Rawlins Sandy Landeg - Sue Rawlins
2016 David Sutton - James Baker - James Baker
2015 David Sutton - Pat Spence - Audrey Medhurst
2014 David Sutton Audrey Medhurst Rita Lloyd - Elizabeth Hull
2013 David Sutton Sue Rawlins Les Jamieson - Rita Lloyd
2012 David Sutton - Sue Rawlins - Pat Spence
2011 David Sutton - Nicki Woodward - Audrey Medhurst
2010 Elizabeth Hull James Baker Nicki Woodward Rita Lloyd Rita Lloyd
2009 David Sutton Sue Rawlins Les Jamieson Sandy Landeg Les Jamieson
2008 David Sutton Iris Cornish Melanie Beck Sylvia Harvey Melanie Beck
2007 David Sutton Carol Bartlett Alan Waters Sue Lloyd Sue Lloyd
2006 Brett Smitheram Fran Burling James Baker - Audrey Medhurst
2005 David Sutton - Pat Bennett Les Jamieson Pat Bennett
2004 David Sutton - Pat Johnson - Robert Smith
2003 David Sutton - Hazel Doherty - -
2002 Ian Burn - Jennie Supper - -
2001 Ian Burn - Marie Bennett - -
2000 Ian Burn - Hazel Doherty - -
1999 Ian Burn - Evelyn Stewart - -
1998 Elizabeth Burn - Audrey Medhurst - -
1997 Ian Burn - - - -
1996 Elizabeth Burn - - - -