Useful Scrabble Links

The following list gives useful links for Scrabble players. Some are to other Scrabble club sites, others are for Scrabble merchandising, whilst others are for simple reference.

Each link is described in full. To visit the link click on the link name or the logo and the link will open in a new window.

Note that the West Berks Scrabble Club is not responsible for the content of external web-sites, nor should the presence of goods in a merchandising web-site listed here indicate endorsement of that product by West Berks Scrabble Club.

Association Of
Scrabble Players
The web-site for the Association Of British Scrabble Players who promote match play Scrabble throughout the United Kingdom and is the organisation which steers the direction of Scrabble play within the UK.

Tilefish The one stop site for all Scrabble merchandise.

Dweebovision This link features live in-game commentary by top Scrabble players of games played on the internet. The purpose is to entertain and instruct by providing an insight into the thought processes of top players during games.

Scrabble Players Handbook Written by a dozen former World Scrabble Championship competitors in a style that is accessible and understandable for players of all levels, The Scrabble Player's Handbook is the definitive 162-page guide to how to play competitive Scrabble.

Strategic Play This link, which goes to a part of the Australian Scrabble Players web-site, is concerned with the strategy of playing Scrabble and has invaluable tips for players at all levels from beginners to expert.

Onwords Onwords is a bi-monthly publication aimed at Scrabble players.
The web-site gives information on Scrabble courses, Onwords magazine (including sample articles, back issues, and how to subscribe), plus over 50 Scrabble challenges and a Scrabble cartoon gallery.

Mattel - Scrabble site Scrabble site maintained by Mattel.
Mattel is the brand owner of Scrabble in all territories except North America where the brand is owned by Hasbro.

CentreStar The Scrabble Games Archive Web-site

East Berks Scrabble Club The web-site for the East Berks Scrabble Club.

London Scrabble League The web-site for the London Scrabble League.