Further useful bird names.

First published in April 2010

Word Definition
nisgulthe smallest and weakest in a brood of chickens.
ortolana kind of bunting, common in Europe and eaten as a delicacy.
ouzela European bird of the thrush family.
peggya small warbler of various kinds.
poakaa New Zealand bird of the stilt family.
queleaa kind of African weaver-bird.
quezala gold and green bird of Central America with long tail feathers.
redtaila kind of hawk.
rosellaan Australian parakeet.
rouena type of domestic duck.
rurua kind of owl found in New Zealand.
sarusa large red-headed crane found in India.
scotera kind of diving duck.
seriemaa large South American bird related to the cranes.
sirganga green Asiatic jay-like bird.
soraa North American bird of the rail family.
spruga Scots word for a sparrow.
staniela dialect name for the kestrel.
sylviaa kind of warbler.
tanagera brightly-coloured S. American bird.
tereka kind of sandpiper.
teuchata Scots name for the lapwing.
todya small West Indian insectivorous bird.
tystiein Orkney and Shetland, the black guillemot.
verdina small yellow-headed bird of Lower California.
vireoany one of numerous species of American singing birds.
waveythe snow-goose.
wekaa flightless rail of New Zealand.
yitiea Scots name for the yellowhammer.
yunxthe wryneck.