First published in April 2011

Word Definition
agouti(Guarani) a small S. American rodent related to the guinea-pig. Also AGOUTY, AGUTI.
arvicole(Lat.) a mouse of the genus Arvicola, the fieldmouse.
biscachaa gregarious burrowing S. American rodent related to the chinchilla
bobac(Polish) a species of marmot. Also BOBAK.
capybara(Tupi) a large S. American rodent.
cavyA kind of South American rodent.
cricetidA member of the Cricetidae, a family of rodents including gerbils > CRICETIDS.
coypu a large S American aquatic rodent. Also COYPOU.
hackeeThe chipmunk; also, the CHICKAREE or red squirrel.
hutiaA W. Indian rodent, aka hog-rat.
jerboaA desert rodent that jumps on long legs like a kangaroo.
jird(Berber) a kind of N. African gerbil.
kiore(Maori) a small brown rat native to New Zealand. No -S.
lemming(Norwegian) a small short-tailed Arctic rodent.
loir(Fr.) a large European species of dormouse.
maraA large rodent, like a CAVY, found in Patagonia.
marmotA genus of stout burrowing rodents, aka woodchuck.
moleratA name for several burrowing rodents > MOLERATS.
mousekin(Arch.) a little mouse > MOUSEKINS.
mousieA little mouse > MOUSIES.
murine(An animal) belonging to the rats and mice family of rodents. Also MURID.
muskratA large semi-aquatic N. American rodent, resembling a beaver. Also MUSQUASH.
nutria(Spanish) the COYPU, or its fur.
ondatra(Am. Ind.) the musquash.
paca(Tupi) a South American rodent, the spotted CAVY.
sciuridA member of the squirrel family.
souslik(Russian) a ground squirrel. Also SUSLIK.
taguan(Tagalog) a giant flying squirrel of SE Asia.
urson(Fr.) the Canada porcupine.
xerusAn African squirrel.