First published in April 2013

Word Definition
alerion(Fr.) in heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak.
argent(Arch.) silver.
armigerAn armour-bearer; a person entitled to bear heraldic arms.
avellanOf a cross, having four arms shaped like filberts at the end.
bandrolA small banner or streamer.
barrulet(Fr.) a narrow heraldic bar, one quarter the width of a bar.
bordureA border surrounding a heraldic shield.
botoneHaving knobs or buttons at the extremity, applied to a cross.
cabochedFull face with no neck showing.
chevronyAdorned with chevrons.
clecheVoided or hollowed, showing only a narrow border.
componeConsisting of a row of squares of alternate tinctures.
crusilyOf a shield or charge, strewn with crosslets rather than crosses.
dancette(Fr.) deeply indented; (noun) a zigzag line across a shield.
dragonneLike a dragon in the rear part.
enfiledThrust through like a sword.
engouledOf bends, crosses etc. with ends in the mouths of animals.
ermelin(Arch.) ermine, as a heraldic fur.
estoile(Fr.) a six-pointed star whose rays are wavy, instead of straight like those of a mullet.
fesseA horizontal band over the middle of an escutcheon.
filfotA form of cross like a swastika.
fitcheOf a cross, having a pointed shaft.
fleuryHaving fleur-de-lis.
fourcheeOf a cross, having the end of each arm forked.
fructedBearing fruit, said of a tree or plant so represented upon an escutcheon.
gambA beast's whole leg.
garbe(Fr.) a (heraldic) sheaf of wheat.
gemelIn heraldry, a pair of bars placed close together.