Scientific Units of Measurement.

First published in April 2014

Word Definition
langleyA unit of illumination used to measure the temperature of a star.
liangA Chinese measure of weight.
libraA Roman pound.
ligneA measure of watch movement.
lumenA unit of luminous flux.
machA number indicating the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding medium.
maxwellA unit of magnetic flux.
megaradA measure of radiation, a million rads.
morganA unit of distance between genes on a chromosome.
nanogramOne billionth of a gram.
neperA unit for expressing the ratio of two currents or voltages.
nepitA unit of information, 1.44 bits.
newtonA unit of gravitational force.
oerstedA unit of magnetic field strength.
ohmageElectrical resistance measured in ohms.
osmoleA unit of osmotic pressure.
parsecA unit of astronomical distance.
pascalA unit of pressure, one newton per square meter.
picogramA millionth of a millionth of a gram.
picomoleA millionth of a millionth of a mole.
poundalA unit of force, the force imparting to one pound mass an acceleration of one foot per second.
probitA unit of measurement of statistical probability.
sabinA unit of acoustic absorption.
sievertThe SI unit of radiation dose.
stilbThe cgs unit of intrinsic brightness.
teraflopA unit of processing speed equal to 240 floating-point operations per second.
teslaA unit of magnetic flux density equal to one weber per square meter.
therbligA unit of work for quantifying industrial operations.
trolandA unit of measurement of retinal response to light.
weberA unit of magnetic flux equal to 100 million maxwells.