First published in April 2015

Word Definition
ashcakeA kind of cornmeal bread.
azymUnleavened bread; Passover cake.
bagelA hard, leavened, ring-shaped roll.
baguetA long French loaf.
bannockA flat unleavened loaf of bread.
briocheA kind of soft roll, made with eggs, butter, flour and yeast.
chalahA loaf of white leavened bread, often plaited in form, traditionally baked to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath.
chapatiA thin flat piece of unleavened bread.
churroA Spanish dough stick.
ciabattaA kind of bread made with olive oil.
cobloafA rounded loaf.
cornponeA kind of cornbread.
frybreadNative American fried bread.
grahamBread made of unbolted wheat flour.
hoagieA long sandwich.
injeraAn Ethiopian bread made from soured tef flour.
jannockOaten bread.
lavashAn Armenian flat bread.
limpaA Swedish) rye bread made with molasses.
matsahUnleavened bread, esp as eaten on Pesach.
naanA kind of slightly leavened Indian bread.
pankoA variety of breadcrumb from Japanese and French cuisine used to create a crunchy coating for fried foods.
parathaA flat round cake of unleavened bread, traditionally eaten as an accompaniment to Indian food.
pikiMaize-meal bread in the form of very thin sheets, made by the Hopi Indians of the southwestern US.
poboyA New Orleans sandwich.
pooriIn India, a small cake of unleavened bread fried in vegetable oil.
sangerAustralian slang for a sandwich.
stollenA rich sweet German bread made with raisins etc. and coated with icing sugar.
toebieSouth African slang for a a sandwich.
wastelSweet flaky bread made with fine flour and butter.