Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with L.

First published in April 2016

Word Definition
laddier(Comp.) LADDY, laddish in behaviour.
lahalA team game played by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.
lakeheadThe shore of a lake furthest from the outlet.
landfastOf ice, attached ot the shore.
lariganA type of leather boot.
lasered(Pt.) LASER, to treat with a laser.
leadableAble to be led.
leafrollA virus disease of potatoes.
ledeThe introductory section of a news story.
leggo(Short for) let go.
lemme(Short for) let me.
lernaeanIn Greek myth relating to Lerna, the swamp or lake near Argos in which dwelt the Hydra which Hercules slew.
lesulaA genus of Congolese monkey.
lieneeIn law, a party against whom a lien has been placed.
limoniumA sea plant with brightly coloured funnel-shaped flowers.
linemateA hockey player on the same line as another.
liplinerA cosmetic used to outline the lips.
liquidyHaving the nature of a liquid, flowing freely.
listboxA box on a computer screen that contains a list of options.
loadableThat can be loaded.
lobtailOf a whale, to slap its tail against the surface of the water.
locavoreA person who will eat only food produced locally.
locheA fish of the cod family.
locieAn engine used in logging.
lolz(Slang) amusement derived from mischievous or provocative behaviour on the Internet.
lotta(Coll.) a lot of.
louteryLoutish behaviour.
lumpia(Chinese) an Indonesian spring roll.
luxing(Pp.) LUX, to clean with a vacuum cleaner.