Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with T.

First published in April 2017

Word Definition
toadletA small toad.
tompotAs in tompot blenny, a variety of blenny with tentacles over its eyes.
tonifyTo give tone to.
toodleTo tootle.
toolcaseA case for tools.
tooltipA box on a computer screen containing supplementary information that appears when a particular feature is used.
topwaterFloating on or near the top of the water.
torqueyProviding force to cause rotation.
tortie(Short for) tortoiseshell.
tostoneA Mexican dish of fried plantains.
tottring(Shakesp.) hanging in rags
touladiA lake trout of N. America, aka togue.
toupieA round boneless smoked ham.
toutonA deep-fried round of bread dough.
townwardIn the direction of the town.
townwardIn the direction of the town.
toyboxA box for toys.
toychestA chest for toys.
toylandThe toy industry.
trackie(Of a garment) originally constituting part of a tracksuit.
trapseTo traipse.
trayf(Yiddish) not prepared according to Jewish law.
treelineThe line marking the altitude above which trees will not grow.
tremAn electric guitar lever for producing a tremolo.
tricityAn area that comprises three adjoining cities.
trimpotA small instrument for adjusting resistance or voltage.
trutherA person who does not believe the official account of the 9/11 attacks on the US and who seeks to uncover the supposed truth about the events of that day.
tsubo(Japanese) a unit of area.
tuile(Fr.) a thin cookie made with almonds.
tulsi(Hindi) a type of basil, a sacred plant in Hindu belief.