Flowering Plants.

First published in April 2018

Word Definition
gollandA dialect name for various yellow flowers including marigold.
goutweedAn umbelliferous weed, long supposed to be good for gout.
gowanA Scots word for a daisy.
gromwellA wild flower of the borage family.
guacoAny of several tropical American plants used as antidotes to snakebites.
guaranaA Brazilian liana of the soapberry family.
gumweedA plant covered with a gummy substance.
gunneraA large-leaved ornamental herb of the mare's-tail family.
haemonyIn Milton, a plant with sovereign properties against magic.
hairifThe plant cleavers.
hardoke(Shakesp.) an unidentified plant, perhaps burdock.
harmalaThe so-called African or Syrian rue, of the bean caper family.
hebenon(Shakesp.) anything eg a plant or fruit with a poisonous juice.
heleniumAny plant of the genus Helenium, commonly with yellow flowers.
henbaneA plant of the nightshade family, noted for its poisonous and narcotic properties.
henbitEither of two low-growing weeds with roundish shallowly lobed leaves.
henequinMexican agave; its leaf-fibre, used for cordage.
hioi(Maori) a plant of the mint family.
hognutAnother name for pignut.
honewortAn umbelliferous plant of the genus Sison, so called because it was used to cure a swelling called a hone.
hoodiaA succulent S. African plant.
hordock(Shakesp.) an unidentified plant, perhaps burdock.
hornwortA rootless water-plant with much-divided submerged leaves.
horopito(Maori) a bushy New Zealand shrub with red aromatic peppery leaves.
hoyaA plant of genus Hoya, the waxplant.
hydrillaAn aquatic plant used as an oxygenator in aquaria and pools.
hyssopAn aromatic bitter-tasting labiate herb native to the Mediterranean region, with spikes of small blue flowers.
iberisAny plant of the genus Iberis, including candytuft.
imphee(Zulu) any of several southern African varieties of sorghum.
inula(Lat.) a kind of plant, aka elecampane.