Words Containing The Letter K

First published in April 2009

Word Definition
aikonaa Bantu word meaning no, it is not.
akitaa large powerfully built breed of Japanese dog.
banaka Central American tree.
bliksema South African interjection expressing surprise.
cronkAustralian slang for ill or of poor quality.
dakoitan Indian bandit.
dhaka tree of eastern India and Myanmar, with showy orange or red flowers.
dikaa West African tree, the wild mango.
eiracka Gaelic word for a young hen.
enokia thin white edible mushroom native to Japan.
fikya Scots word meaning fidgety.
glikea Shakespearean word for a sneer.
hakeaan Australian shrub.
hokia food fish with white flesh.
ikata Malayan technique for dyeing yarn.
jaukto dawdle.
jockoa Bantu word for a chimpanzee.
kagua flightless bird of New Caledonia.
mawka maggot.
nerkathe sockeye salmon.
olicooka kind of American doughnut.
perjinka Scots word for prim, finical.
quonkany accidental noise made too close to a microphone.
rakua kind of earthenware made in Japan.
serkali(in Africa) the Government; white rulers.
swinkto toil.
takhia rare wild horse of Mongolia.
waukto full (cloth).
zakatin Islam, a tax payable on certain types of property.
yukoin judo, a points penalty.