Unfamiliar five-letter words formed from familiar four-letter words plus an -A hook.

First published in August 2009

Word Definition
afaraa type of W. African tree having a light-coloured, straight-grained wood.
bandain Africa, a thatched hut.
bornaas in borna disease, a type of viral disease.
charaa genus of flowerless wetland plants, having articulated stems and whorled branches: stoneworts etc.
dongain S. Africa, a gully made by soil erosion.
downaa dialect word meaning cannot, cannot be bothered.
ericaa genus of plants, heather.
fangaa dry measure in Spain and Spanish America.
fondaa Spanish word for a tavern.
galeaa helmet-shaped structure.
gramaa kind of pasture grass found in the Western United States.
halfaa kind of N. African grass.
hookaa pipe with a long, flexible stem, so arranged that the smoke is cooled by being made to pass through water.
hoveaan Australian shrub with purple flowers.
idola(Pl.) IDOLUM, a mental image.
limbaa kind of African tree.
longain music, a long note.
markathe standard unit of currency in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
mushaan Irish interjection expressing surprise.
normaa norm; a principle or rule.
paleathe membranous inner bract of a grass flower.
parkaa fur shirt or coat with a hood.
pileathe gunpowder plant.
quinaa tree yielding cinchona, from which quinine is made.
sangaa temporary fortification.
sellaa saddle-shaped area in the bone enclosing the pituitary gland.
softaa Muslim student or practitioner of sacred law and theology.
tankaa 5-line Japanese verse form.
tongaa light two-wheeled Indian vehicle.
wallaa person who is associated with a particular work or who performs a particular duty or service - usually used in combination.
wishaan Irish interjection expressing surprise.