Forenames which are valid scrabble words.

First published in August 2010

Word Definition
lauraa type of monastery
louiea lieutenant
louisa former gold coin of France
marcelto make a deep soft wave in the hair
mariadark area on the moon (pl)
maryjanea slang word for marijuana
maxwellunit of magnetic flux
matildaa hobo's bundle
merlea blackbird
morgana unit of distance between genes
morrisan English folk dance
nelsona wrestling hold
ottoa kind of fragrant oil
patsyone who is easily fooled
peterto diminish gradually
ralphto vomit
sallyto rush out suddenly
sheilain Australia, a young woman
sophya Persian ruler
tedto spread hay for drying
teddya woman's undergarment
terryan absorbent fabric
tiffanya thin mesh fabric
timothya type of grass
tobya type of drinking mug
troya system of weights
veronicaa handkerchief with an imprint of Christ's face
warrena place where rabbits live