First published in August 2011

Word Definition
actonA stuffed jacket worn under the mail.
ailette(Fr.) a plate of armour worn on the shoulder.
aventail(Hist.) the movable front to a helmet.
barbutA type of helmet.
basinetA light, conical helmet.
bevorA beaver, face-armour.
byrnie(Hist.) a coat of mail.
casque(Fr.) a helmet.
corsletA cuirass, a protective body covering of leather.
cuishArmour for the thigh.
flancardA piece of armour for the thigh, or for the flank of a horse.
gantlet(Obs.) an armoured glove.
gorget(Hist.) a piece of armour for the throat.
hauberkA tunic-like coat of mail.
heaume(Arch.) a massive helmet.
jambeA piece of leg-armour, a greave.
jazerant(Hist.) a coat of mail made of small plates of metal sewed upon linen or the like.
lamboys(Arch.) kilted flexible steel plates worn skirt-like from the waist. No LAMBOY*.
mesailA visor, esp. one made in two parts.
morionA crested metal helmet worn by soldiers in the 1500's and 1600's.
pauldronA shoulder-plate of a suit of armour.
pelta(Lat.) a light buckler > PELTAE or PELTAS.
peytralA piece of armour for the breast of a horse
placketA leather doublet with strips of steel.
poleynA piece of armour for the knee.
rondache(Fr.) a circular shield carried by foot soldiers.
saladeA kind of helmet.
soleretA metallic pointy toed shoe worn by knights.
taslet(In plate armour) one of a series of overlapping pieces forming a kind of skirt.
umbrere(Spenser) the visor of a helmet.
vambrace(Hist.) a piece of armour designed to protect the arm from the elbow to the wrist.