Alcoholic Drinks.

First published in August 2012

Word Definition
alicant(Spanish) a wine made near Alicante in Spain.
amarone(Ital.) a strong dry red Italian wine.
arak(Arabic) a strong alcoholic drink made from toddy, or the fermented juice of the coco and other palms.
barolo(Ital.) a red Italian wine.
beeswingA crust found on old bottled port.
bombo(Aust. sl.) cheap wine.
brewski(Coll.) beer.
busera(Rukiga) a Ugandan alcoholic drink made from millet.
calvados(Fr.) a French apple brandy.
cerveza(Spanish) beer.
cremantOf wine, moderately sparkling.
eiswein(Ger.) a sweet German wine made from grapes that have frozen on the vine.
enzian(Ger.) a type of schnapps flavoured with gentian roots, drunk in the Tyrol.
frascati(Ital.) a type of white wine.
gamay(Fr.) a variety of red grape; a dry red wine made from this.
geropiga(Port.) a sweet fortified wine similar to port.
hokonui(Maori) illicit whisky.
julep(Persian) a cocktail of bourbon, sugar, and mint.
koumis(Russian) an intoxicating fermented or distilled liquor originally made by the Tartars from mare's or camel's milk.
kummel(Ger.) a cumin-flavoured liqueur.
logjuice(Sl.) bad port wine, as if coloured with logwood.
malmseyA strong sweet wine.
malwa(Rutooro) a Ugandan drink brewed from millet.
mampoer(Afrikaans) home-made distilled brandy made from peaches, prickly pear etc.
marsala(Ital.) a kind of wine exported from Marsala in Sicily.
maubyA frothy beverage made from boiled tree-bark.
merlot(Fr.) a light-bodied red wine.
mescal(Nahuatl) a distilled liquor prepared in Mexico from a species of agave.
mirin(Japanese) a sweet rice wine used in Japanese cooking.
mojitoA traditional Cuban cocktail.
mulse(Obs.) boiled wine with honey.