Trees and Shrubs.

First published in August 2013

Word Definition
abeliaAny of several hardy evergreen shrubs of the honeysuckle family, native to eastern Asia.
acajouThe cashew tree; also, its fruit.
acerolaA West Indian shrub.
ailantoAn oriental tree, the tree of heaven.
algarobaA leguminous tree of the Mediterranean region, aka carob; its edible beans or pods.
amlaAn E. Indian tree, aka emblic.
antiarThe upas tree; its poisonous latex.
arganA Moroccan timber-tree; its oil-bearing seed.
aspineA Spenserian name for the aspen tree.
ausuboA large evergreen tropical tree, aka balata.
banakA kind of Central American tree.
bangalowAn Australian palm-tree.
avodireA kind of an African tree.
baueraA kind of evergreen shrub with pink flowers.
bauhiniaA plant of the Bauhinia genus of tropical trees.
belahAn Australian tree of the Casuarina genus, aka beefwood.
berriganAn Australian tree with hanging branches.
bilianA heavy ant-proof timber tree of Borneo.
bilstedA N. American tree of the genus Liquidambar having prickly spherical fruit clusters and fragrant sap, aka sweet gum.
boojumAn American tree.
boroniaAn Australian scented shrub.
bourtreeA Scots name for the elder tree.
brigalowAny of several species of Australian acacia.
buazeAn African shrub.
bullaceA small wild plum fruit and tree.
buritiA kind of S. American palm-tree.
cadagiAn Australian eucalyptus with smooth green bark.
canellaA genus of trees of the order Canellaceae, growing in the W. Indies.
caraganaAny of a genus of hardy leguminous shrubs grown for their showy golden flowers.
carbeenAn Australian eucalyptus with drooping branches and grey bark.
carnaubaA Brazilian palm tree yielding a fine yellowish wax.