Musical Instruments.

First published in August 2014

Word Definition
maracaa kind of gourd, used as a musical instrument.
marimbaan instrument resembling a xylophone.
mbiraan African musical instrument played with the thumbs, aka kalimba.
melodeona small reed organ.
mirlitona musical instrument resembling a kazoo.
mridanga two-headed Indian drum, one head being larger than the other.
musettea small bagpipe formerly in use, having a soft and sweet tone.
nakera kind of kettledrum.
nebela Hebrew musical instrument, apparently a harp.
ngomaa type of African drum.
ottavinothe piccolo.
oliphantan ancient ivory hunting-horn.
pandoraan ancient kind of lute.
phorminxa kind of lyre used by the ancient Greeks.
pianettea small upright piano.
pifferoa fife; an Italian bagpipe.
poogyethe nose flute of the Hindus.
posaunea German name for the trombone.
quenaa type of bamboo flute from the Andes.
quinta five-stringed tenor viol.
rackettan old wind instrument of the double bassoon kind, having ventages but not keys.
rebeca medieval musical instrument like a mandolin or viol.
regala small portable organ
rhombosa bullroarer.
ribiblea small three-stringed viol; a rebec.
rottea mediaeval stringed instrument.
sambucaan ancient triangular stringed instrument.
samisena Japanese banjo-like 3-stringed instrument.
sanchoa kind of West African guitar.
sanga kind of Chinese mouth-organ.
sankoa kind of West African guitar.