Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with A and B.

First published in August 2015

Word Definition
aber(Welsh) an estuary.
aeradioA Canadian radio service for pilots.
aetatis(Latin) at the age of.
aiyeeAn interjection used to express great alarm.
alvar(Swedish) an area of exposed limestone.
amauti(Inuit) an Inuit woman’s parka.
amtrakA military vehicle equipped to move on land and water.
ananda(Sanskrit) extreme happiness.
armeriaThe generic name for the plant thrift.
arroz(Spanish) rice.
arvee(Short for) recreational vehicle (RV).
asconA type of sponge.
asura(Sanskrit) a Hindu demon.
azuries(Pl.) AZURY, a bluish colour.
baidar(Russian) an Alaskan Inuit kayak.
baisa(Arabic) a unit of currency in Oman, worth one-thousandth of a rial.
balafonA musical instrument of Africa.
barfi(Hindi) an Indian dessert made from milk solids and sugar.
barnwoodA wide wood for building barns.
barriqueA wine barrel.
bashtagA hashtag used for critical or abusive comments.
batardA birchbark canoe.
bawkAn Atlantic seabird.
bedlamerA young harp seal.
bestie(Slang) one's best friend.
bioplayA play based on the life of a famous person, esp one giving a popular treatment.
bitcoinA unit of digital currency held and exchanged for goods by means of computer software.
bogholeA natural hole in the ground with a swampy bottom.
bogueA Mediterranean fish.
bromanceA close but not romantic or sexual relationship between two men.
bunheadA female ballet dancer.