Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with P.

First published in August 2016

Word Definition
paczkiA round, filled doughnut.
padronaA female boss or employer.
pagoditeA soft, greenish, greyish or yellowish mineral, thought to be a variety of pinite, known particularly for its use by the Chinese for carving.
paleoconAn extremely right-wing conservative.
paliA cliff in Hawaii.
palsaA landform of subarctic regions.
pandanA palm of S. E. Asia, the leaves of which are used to weave mats.
panislamAll of Islam or the Muslim world.
paren(Short for) parenthesis.
paskaA Russian dessert eaten at Easter.
patootThe buttocks.
pauraqueA long-tailed nocturnal bird.
paydownThe reduction of debt through repayment.
payessUncut sideburns worn by some Jews.
paywallAn arrangement allowing access to a website only to users who have paid to subscribe to it.
peabrainA stupid person.
pedalcarA four-wheeled vehicle that is operated by pedals, usually a child's toy.
pedwayA walkway for pedestrians only.
pelauA dish made with meat, rice, and pigeon peas.
penwiperA piece of equipment for cleaning the ink from a pen.
pepitaThe edible dried seed of a pumpkin or squash.
pepsi(Offensive) a French Canadian.
perc(Short for) perchloride, a chemical used in dry cleaning.
percidA freshwater fish of the perch family.
perogA large Russian pie, stuffed with meat, fish, eggs, or cabbage.
pewteryOf or like pewter.
phabletA handheld personal computer between a smartphone and a tablet in size and which combines features of both.
pharmerOne who participates in pharming.
phaserA type of science-fiction weapon.
phenomeThe complete set of phenotypes of an individual or group.
phishTo engage in phishing, trying to obtain personal details over the Internet