Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with W and Y.

First published in August 2017

Word Definition
wirelineA telegraph or telephone line.
woahA call to stop, esp. to a horse.
wojus(Irish slang) of a poor quality or low standard.
wonkeryThe qualities or activities of a wonk.
wonkily(Adv.) WONKY, not working properly.
woodfernAn evergreen fern.
wooftah(Sl.) a male homosexual.
woonerf(Dutch) a road in the Netherlands primarily for bicyclists and pedestrians.
woopyA well-off older person.
wordwrapIn computing, a function that shifts a word at the end of a line to a new line in order to keep within preset margins.
workbootA sturdy leather boot for workers.
worksiteAn area where work takes place.
worksongA song sung while doing physical work.
worlderOne who belongs to a specified class, time, domain, or sphere of activity.
worldieSomething of world-class quality.
wrentitA long-tailed North American bird.
wrinklie(Coll.) an old person.
wristerA type of shot in hockey.
writeoffAn uncollectible debt that is cancelled.
wuzA nonstandard spelling of was, representing dialect or informal pronunciation.
yageA tropical vine of the Amazon region, aka ayahuasca.
yarak(Persian) a fit condition for hunting - used of a hawk.
yasPlural of YA, an Asian pear
yeeshAn interjection used to express frustration.
yeowAn interjection used to express pain or shock.
yessirAn interjection used to express assent.
yessumAn interjection used to express assent to a woman.
yez(Coll.) yes.
yobbyResembling a yob.
yogourtNew spelling of yogurt.
yopperA young person employed through a youth employment programme.