Words Containing The Letter Z

First published in December 2008

Word Definition
AIZLEa Scots word for hot ashes.
AZLONa kind of textile fibre.
BEZthe second tine of a deer's horn.
BUAZEa kind of an African shrub.
COBZAa Romanian folk instrument.
DARZIan Indian tailor.
DITZYUS slang for amiably eccentric.
EVZONEa soldier in an elite Greek infantry regiment.
FOZYspongy, lacking firmness.
GHAZIa Muslim warrior who has fought the infidel.
GROSZa Polish monetary unit.
GYOZAa kind of fried dumpling eaten in Japan.
HAFIZone who knows the Koran by heart.
IZARDa kind of ibex found in the Pyrenees.
JEZEBELa wicked scheming woman.
KUDZUan ornamental plant of China and Japan.
MIRZAa Persian title of honour.
MIZUNAa variety of Japanese lettuce with crisp green leaves.
MAZURKAa Polish folk dance
NYANZAin Africa, a lake.
OZEKIa champion sumo wrestler.
RIZAan ornamental silver plate covering a Russian icon.
SOYUZa Soviet spacecraft.
WOOTZa tough sharp steel made in southern India.
YAKUZAa Japanese gangster.
ZANJAan irrigation canal in Latin America.
ZARFan ornamental metal holder for a handleless coffee cup.
ZERDAa kind of desert fox, found in N. Africa.
ZIFFAustralian slang for a goatee beard.
ZIMBSa kind of insect found in Ethiopia.
ZEXa chopper for trimming slate.