First published in December 2010

Word Definition
addaxA large light-coloured antelope with curled horns.
ariel(Arabic) a kind of mountain gazelle native to Arabia.
bongo(Spanish) a kind of antelope: BONGOS or BONGOES.
bubal(Greek) any member of the Bubalis genus of antelopes, that includes the hartebeest.
cabrie(Spanish) a pronghorn antelope.
cabrit(Spanish) a pronghorn antelope.
chikara(Hindi) a four-horned Indian antelope.
chiru(Tibetan) a Tibetan antelope, having a dense woolly pinkish-brown fleece prized as the source of shahtoosh wool.
dzeren(Mongolian) a kind of Central Asian antelope.
eland(Dutch) a large African antelope with spiral horns.
gemsbok(Afrikaans) a South African antelope, having long, sharp, nearly straight horns.
goralAn Indian goat antelope resembling the chamois.
impala(Zulu) an African antelope with horns curved in the shape of a lyre.
inyala(Zulu) a kind of antelope.
kaama(Nama) a large antelope, aka hartebeest.
kudu(Hottentot) a kind of antelope with long spiral horns.
lechwe(Bantu) a kind of African antelope, aka marsh antelope.
mhorr(Arabic) a West African gazelle.
nagor(Fr.) a reedbuck of savannah in equatorial Africa, with short forward-curving horns.
nilgai(Hindi) a kind of antelope.
nyala(Zulu) a kind of antelope.
oribi(Afrikaans) a small South African antelope.
oryxA kind of antelope with spirally twisted horns.
ourebi(Afrikaans) a small South African antelope.
pallah(Setswana) a large South African antelope with lyrated horns.
reitbok(Afrikaans) the reedbuck.
rhebok(Afrikaans) a S. African antelope.
saiga(Russian) an antelope native to the plains of Siberia and Eastern Russia.
sasin(Nepalese) the common Indian antelope.
serowA Himalayan goat-like antelope, aka thar.
thar(Nepali) a Himalayan goat-like antelope, aka serow.