Trees and Shrubs.

First published in December 2013

Word Definition
pachoulian Asiatic tree with a fragrant perfume oil; the resulting perfume.
padauka Burmese timber-tree.
palaythe ivory tree, a small S. Indian tree of the dogbane family.
palmettoany of various usually small and sometimes stemless fan palms.
palmyraa species of palm having a straight, black, upright trunk, with palmate leaves.
panaxa tree of the aralia family.
pandanusa palm of S. E. Asia, the leaves of which are used to weave mats.
paxiubaa Brazilian palm with stilt-roots.
peebeena large hardwood evergreen tree.
peepulan Indian tree, aka bo tree.
pereiraa Brazilian tree, the bark of which is used medicinally.
photiniaany of a genus of evergreen or deciduous trees or shrubs of the Rosaceae family.
piasavaa type of palm yielding a coarse stiff fibre for making brooms.
piturian Australian solanaceous shrub.
plumeriaa flowering shrub, aka frangipani.
poonan E. Indian tree.
pukaa large evergreen tree, aka broadleaf or papauma.
pukateaan aromatic New Zealand tree, valued for its high-quality timber.
pyengaduthe ironwood tree.
pyxiean evergreen shrub.
quandonga small Australian tree of the sandalwood family.
quercinepertaining to an oak tree.
quillaia rosaceous tree native to Chile, aka soapbark tree.
radiataa Californian variety of pine tree, now grown esp in New Zealand for timber.
ramina Malaysian hardwood tree; its timber.
ramonaany of various plants of the sage family having aromatic greyish-green leaves, aka sagebrush.
rangioraan evergreen New Zealand shrub with large ovate leaves and small greenish-white flowers.
raphiaa genus of handsome pinnately-leaved palms.
ratanany of various esp Malaysian climbing plants with long thin stems.
redbaya small American tree.
retamaa name for various desert plants, eg Spanish broom.