Lepidopterons (butterflies and moths).

First published in December 2014

Word Definition
adonisA kind of blue butterfly.
apolloA large tropical butterfly.
arctiidA moth of the Arctiidae family.
armywormThe larva of a small fly or moth that moves in large armies destroying crops.
awhetoThe so-called vegetable caterpillar of New Zealand.
birdwingA large tropical butterfly.
bobowlerA type of large moth.
bogongA kind of moth eaten by Australian aborigines.
bombyxA moth of the genus Bombyx, which includes the silkworm moth.
burnetA moth of the genus Zygaena, having red-spotted wings.
cutwormA caterpillar that feeds on the stems of young plants.
earwormThe larva of a moth which devours the bolls or unripe pods of the cotton plant.
eggarAny of several large brown moths.
geometerA geometrid caterpillar or moth.
goldtailAs in goldtail moth, a European moth with a yellow tail tuft. No -S.
hesperidA skipper butterfly.
hopdogThe tussock moth caterpillar.
hornwormA hawkmoth caterpillar.
inchwormAnother name for the looper caterpillar.
leafwormA moth larva that feeds on leaves.
lunaA N. American moth with crescent-shaped markings.
lycaenidAny member of the Lycaenidae, a family of butterflies.
morphoA kind of tropical butterfly.
noctuaA general name for any moth of the family Noctuidae.
oobitA hairy caterpillar, esp of the tiger moth.
papilioA genus of butterflies.
porinaThe larva of a New Zealand moth that damages grassland.
pyralidA family of small or medium-sized moths.
satyridAny butterfly of the family Satyridae.
troilusA large tropical butterfly.
vanessaA butterfly of the red admiral genus Vanessa.