Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with F.

First published in December 2015

Word Definition
fabletA large smartphone that is able to perform many of the functions of a tablet computer.
facetimeTo communicate with (a person) using the FaceTime application.
failoverA procedure by which a computer system automatically transfers control to a backup system on detecting a failure.
fangirlA female who is an enthusiastic devotee of something.
faxableCapable of being faxed.
feningA monetary unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
ficainA cysteine proteinase isolated from the latex of figs.
figtreeA tree that bears figs.
filkA type of popular music that parodies folk songs.
finlit(Colloq.) financial literacy.
firereelA fire engine.
flaneTo walk idly, saunter.
flexwingA collapsible fabric wing used in hang gliding.
flylineA type of line used in fly fishing.
foefie(S. African) as in foefie slide, a rope, fixed at an incline, along which a person suspended on a pulley may traverse a space, esp across a river. No -S.
foilistOne who fences with a foil.
fooA name for a temporary computer variable or file.
foodoirA book or blog that combines a personal memoir with a series of recipes.
footbedThe insole in a boot or shoe.
footsalA form of association football played indoors with five players on each side.
forleseTo lose, forsake.
frackerOne who engages in fracking for shale oil.
frankumThe hardened resin of a spruce tree.
frenemyA person who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy.
freon(Tradename) an aerosol propellant.
fricotAn Acadian stew with potatoes and meat or fish.
frizado(Spanish) a fine frieze-like fabric.
frizado(Spanish) a fine frieze-like fabric.
fudgyResembling fudge (a soft, sweet candy).
furpieceAn item of clothing made out of fur.
fuskTo obtain data from (a website) by using a fusker.