Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with S.

First published in December 2016

Word Definition
selfieA photograph of oneself taken by oneself.
senesceTo become old.
septoriaA type of fungus.
serpulaA member of a genus of marine annelids or tubeworms.
sevAn Indian food of deep-fried strands of flour.
shaddupAn interjection, shut up.
shastaA flowering plant of the daisy family.
shawarmaA sandwich of lamb or chicken, veg, and often tahini wrapped in pita.
shehnaiA double-reed wind instrument of India.
sheitelA wig worn by a married Jewish woman.
shenaiA double-reed wind instrument of India.
sheroA woman regarded as a hero.
shikaraA light, flat-bottomed boat in Kashmir.
shikraA kind of small sparrow hawk.
shinolaA kind of boot polish.
shiptimeThe annual arrival of a supply ship.
shirazA type of wine grape, aka syrah.
shleppyShabby, rundown.
shmoeA stupid or boring person.
shochuA kind of Japanese liquor.
shojoManga intended primarily for girls No -S.
shootieA fashionable shoe that covers the ankle.
shoplessHaving no stores.
showgoerOne who goes to shows.
shumaiJapanese dumplings. No -S.
shvitzTo sweat.
sicarioA hired gunman or assassin esp in Latin America.
sideboneOssification of the lateral cartilages in a horse's foot.
sidemeatMeat cut from the side of the pig.
simchaA Jewish private party.