Flowering Plants.

First published in December 2017

Word Definition
armeriaThe generic name for the plant thrift.
aroidAny plant of the arum family.
asphodelA plant of the lily family; in literature, the flower of the Elysian fields.
astilbeA plant of the Astilbe genus of perennial plants, with clusters of usually red or white flowers.
atamascoA plant of the southeastern US, bearing a single white lilylike flower.
axseedA kind of vetch, aka crown vetch.
baptisiaA genus of N. American leguminous plants.
barillaThe alkali plant; an impure alkali made by burning this.
bartsiaA wild flower of the family Scrophulariaceae.
berseemA Mediterranean clover, grown as a forage crop.
bisnagaA type of cactus.
bistortA plant with a twisted astringent root, aka snakeweed.
blewart(Scots) the harebell; the corn bluebottle.
blueballA medicinal herb.
bogbeanA marsh plant of the gentian family.
boltoniaA tall perennial flower of the eastern U.S., aka false aster.
bonesetA medicinal plant, aka thoroughwort, with diaphoretic and tonic properties.
bromeliaAny plant of the genus Bromelia, that includes pineapples.
buglossA wild flower, with bristly stem and vivid blue flowers.
bupleverA plant, hare's ear.
burseedA coarse weed.
burweedAny of various burry plants such as a burdock.
caladiumAny tropical plant of the genus Caladium, of the arum family, the plants of which are grown for their attractive foliage.
calamintA genus of labiate aromatic plants allied to mint and thyme.
calantheAn orchid of the genus Calanthe, having tall spikes of long-lasting flowers.
calatheaA showy indoor plant.
callunaAny plant of the ling (heather) genus.
calthaA genus of plants including the marsh marigold.
camashA blue-flowered liliaceous plant of northwestern America.
campionAny plant of the genera Lychnis and Silene having usually pink or white star- or salver-shaped flowers with notched petals.
canaigreA large Texan dock whose roots are used on tanning