Words Containing The Letter Q

First published in February 2009

Word Definition
aequorina kind of jellyfish.
aquilona poetical word for the north wind.
beziquea card game played with two decks of cards.
coquitoa Chilean palm tree.
diquata kind of herbicide.
equiniaa horse disease, also known as glanders.
exequya funeral rite.
fiquea tropical plant.
haiquean oblong cloth worn by Arabs on the head or body.
inqilab(in India, Pakistan etc.) a revolution.
lasquea flat thin diamond, common in India.
madoquaa small Abyssinian antelope.
niqaba type of veil worn by some Muslim women.
periquea kind of strong black tobacco.
pulquea Mexican fermented drink made from the pulp of the agave plant.
qasidaa formal Arabic poem of praise.
qiviutthe fine, soft, light-brown under layer of hair on the musk ox.
quaydan archaic word meaning afraid.
quenaa type of bamboo flute from the Andes.
quinoaa S. American plant of the goosefoot family, with seeds used as rice.
rorquala kind of whale.
squarka hypothetical subatomic particle.
tuquea kind of knitted, cylindrical woollen cap with tapered ends.
usquea Gaelic word for whiskey.
vaqueroin Latin America, a herdsman.
waqfin Islam, the donation of land, property or money for charitable purposes.
yaqonaa shrub of the West Pacific islands, or a drink made from its roots.
yanquiin Latin America, a North American.