Useful words of Chinese Origin.

First published in February 2010

Word Definition
ambana Chinese resident official in a dependency.
boheaan inferior kind of black tea.
funga fabulous bird.
guanxia Chinese social concept based on the exchange of favours.
hysona fine sort of green tea.
kylina fabulous animal figured in the decoration of Chinese pottery.
langshana small black Chinese hen.
laogaia forced labour camp.
lapsanga variety of tea with a smoky flavour.
lomeina dish of noodles, meat and vegetables.
longana pulpy fruit.
oolonga kind of tea.
pakfonga Chinese alloy of nickel, zinc, and copper.
petsaiChinese cabbage.
petuntsea feldspathic rock used in making Chinese porcelain.
pinyina system for romanizing Chinese ideograms.
sampana flat-bottomed Chinese skiff usually propelled by two short oars.
sancaiin Chinese ceramics, a three-colour glaze.
subguma Chinese-style dish consisting of mixed vegetables, and sometimes diced meat or seafood.
tongstera member of a Chinese tong or criminal association.
tuinaa Chinese therapeutic massage system.
twankaya variety of green tea.
wampeean edible Asiatic fruit.
wontonin Chinese cuisine, a spicy dumpling containing minced pork, esp. served in soup.
wushuthe Chinese martial arts.
yamunthe offices and residence of a mandarin.
yuana Chinese monetary unit.
yulana kind of magnolia, producing large white flowers.