First published in February 2011

Word Definition
akitaA large powerfully built breed of Japanese dog.
apsoA Tibetan terrier.
basenjiA small African hunting-dog.
borzoiA kind of wolf-hound.
bouvierA kind of large French dog.
buhundA type of Norwegian dog.
briardA kind of rugged French dog.
clumberA kind of field spaniel, with short legs and stout body.
dholeAn Indian wild dog.
foxie(Coll.) a fox-terrier.
heelerA dog that herds cattle by biting at their heels.
jowlerA heavy-jawed hound.
kennet(Obs.) a small hunting-dog.
kuvasz(Hungarian) an ancient breed of sheepdog with a white coat; plural KUVASZOK.
laikaA breed of small reddish-brown working dog.
messan(Scots) a lapdog, a cur.
puliA long-haired sheepdog; plural PULIK or PULIS.
redboneA kind of hunting dog.
salukiA greyhound-like Arab dog; a gazelle hound.
samoyedA Siberian breed of dog of the spitz type.
spitzA Pomeranian dog.
talbotA broad-mouthed, large-eared hound, now extinct.
tanukiA Japanese raccoon dog.
teckelA dachshund.
tosaA breed of heavily built, smooth-haired Japanese dog.
vizslaA Hungarian breed of hunting dog.
volpinoA small Italian dog with long straight hair.
wirehairA breed of terrier.