First published in February 2012

Word Definition
aiver(Scots) a draft horse.
bangtailA mustang or wild horse, whose tail hair is banged, i.e. with the end tuft squared.
bathorse(Arch.) a horse which carries an officer's baggage during a campaign.
bayardA bay horse, or horse generally.
brumby(Aust. sl.) a wild horse.
cayuse(Am. Ind.) an Indian pony.
cooser(Scots) a stallion.
destrier(Arch.) a war-horse.
garran(Irish) a small type of horse.
gennetA small Spanish horse, a jenny donkey.
hemioneAn Asiatic wild ass, the kiang or dziggetai.
keffel(Welsh) a horse, a nag.
kiang(Tibetan) a wild ass native to the Tibetan plateau, aka kyang, dziggetai, chigetai.
koulan(Kirghiz) a wild ass inhabiting the plains of Central Asia, aka onager.
padnagAn ambling nag.
palamino(Spanish) a horse of largely Arab blood, pale tan, yellow, or gold, with a white or silver mane and tail.
quagga(Hottentot) an extinct African wild ass like the zebra.
schimmel(Ger.) a roan horse.
sheltie(ON) a Shetland pony or sheepdog.
staigA colt or stallion.
stibbler(Scots) a horse turned out to feed on stubble.
takhi(Mongolian) a rare wild horse.
tangun(Hindi) a piebald variety of the horse, native of Tibet.
tarpan(Tatar) a small wild horse of the steppes.
thillerThe horse which goes between the thills, or shafts, and supports them; also, the last horse in a team.
walerIn India, an Australian-bred saddle-horse.
yarraman(Aborig.) a horse > YARRAMANS or YARRAMEN.
zebrassA cross between a zebra and an ass.
zebrulaThe hybrid offspring of a male zebra and a female horse.