Landscape Features.

First published in February 2013

Word Definition
gilgai(Aborig.) a saucer-shaped depression forming a natural reservoir.
graben(Ger.) a rift valley.
grike(ON) a crevice in a limestone pavement.
groughA deep gully in a peat moor area.
hamada(Arabic) a desert plateau of bedrock.
hogbackAn eroded, steeply tilted ridge of resistant rocks with equal slopes on the sides.
hornito(Spanish) a low volcanic mound.
horst(Ger.) a mass of the earth's crust that lies between two faults and is higher than the surrounding land.
karoo(Hottentot) a high inland pastoral tableland.
khor(Arabic) a dry watercourse; a ravine.
khud(Hindi) in India, a pit, hollow, ravine.
kopje(Afrikaans) a low hill.
kyle(Gaelic) a narrow strait.
lahar(Javanese) a mudflow composed chiefly of pyroclastic material on the flanks of a volcano.
limanThe deposit of slime at the mouth of a river.
maar(Ger.) a volcanic crater without a cone, usually filled by a lake.
machair(Gaelic) a low-lying sandy beach, esp in the Hebrides.
mamelon(Fr.) a rounded hill or protuberance.
meseta(Spanish) a plateau, esp that of central Spain.
mofette(Fr.) a volcanic opening in the earth emitting carbon dioxide.
morro(Spanish) a rounded hill or headland.
motu(Maori) a small reef island in the Pacific.
moyaVolcanic mud.
noup(Obs.) in the Shetlands, a crag, a steep headland.
nunatak(Inuit) a point of rock appearing above the surface of land ice.
pakahi(Maori) acid land unfit for cultivation.
paramo(Spanish) a bare wind-swept elevated plain in S. America.
phrygana(Mod. Gr.) an uncultivated open scrubland of the Mediterranean region, aka garigue.