Trees and Shrubs.

First published in February 2014

Word Definition
soapbarkA S. American tree, the bark of which can be used as soap.
sorbariaA small deciduous shrub with clusters of white flowers.
souariA tree of Guiana, yielding butternuts.
soursopA W. Indian tree of the Anona species; its large, sour, pulpy fruit.
sundariAn E. Indian tree.
sycamineThe mulberry tree.
talipatA very tall southern Indian fan palm with enormous leaves which are used as sunshades etc.
tamanuAn E. Indian tree, yielding tacamahac, a kind of gum resin.
tamarindA large tropical tree; its fruit.
taraireA type of New Zealand tree with broad green leaves and purple fruit.
tauhinuA poplar tree.
taupataA New Zealand tree with shiny dark green leaves.
tawaiAny of various species of Nothofagus, New Zealand beech.
teilThe bibilical name of an oaklike hardwood tree, the terebinth, which when cut exudes a fragrant resinous juice.
tenduAn Asian ebony tree.
thujaA genus of evergreen trees, thickly branched, with scalelike leaves.
titokiANew Zealand tree.
tooartA strong-timbered eucalyptus.
toonAn Indian tree of the mahogany family.
toquillaA S. American palm-like tree; a fibre obtained from its leaves.
totaraA New Zealand timber tree, with reddish wood, mahogany pine.
toyonAn ornamental evergreen shrub.
tupeloA N. American tree of the Dogwood family, having brilliant, glossy foliage and acid red berries.
viscumA genus of parasitic shrubs, including the mistletoe.
waboomA S. African proteaceous tree; also, its tough wood, used for making wagon wheels.
wallabaA leguminous tree of Demerara, with pinnate leaves and clusters of red flowers.
wilgaA small white-flowered Australian tree.
yaqonaA shrub of the West Pacific islands, aka kava; a narcotic fermented drink made esp in Fiji from its macerated roots.