Transport by Water, i.e. Ships, Boats etc.

First published in February 2015

Word Definition
airboatA shallow-draft boat driven by an aircraft propeller.
avisoA boat bringing news, a dispatch-boat.
baidarkaAn Alaskan Inuit kayak.
barcaAn Italian word for a boat or barge.
bawleyIn Essex and Kent, a small fishing-smack.
biremeA rowed ship or galley with two banks of oars.
budgeroA heavy keelless barge used in India.
caiqueA light skiff used on the Bosphorus.
caravelA small light fast ship, chiefly Spanish or Portuguese, of the 15th to the 17th cents.
carvelA small light fast ship, chiefly Spanish or Portuguese, of the 15th to the 17th centuries.
cascoA Philippine cargo barge.
cobleA short, flat-bottomed boat for use on rivers and estuaries.
coutaA type of fishing boat used round the coast of Australia.
crayerA trading vessel.
curraghA long-shaped boat similar to a coracle.
drogerA W. Indian coasting vessel, with long masts and lateen sails.
dromondA swift medieval ship of war.
flotaA commercial fleet; formerly, the fleet which annually conveyed the produce of America to Spain.
fluytA small 17th century Dutch merchant ship.
frigotA Spenserian word for frigate.
gabbardA kind of barge.
galiotA small galley, formerly used in the Mediterranean.
gallivatA large two-masted Malay boat.
garveyA small scow.
gondelayA Spenserian word for gondola.
guletA wooden Turkish sailing boat, traditionally used to carry freight, now used for pleasure trips.
howkerA two-masted Dutch or Irish fishing-vessel.
johnboatA narrow square-ended boat.