Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with H.

First published in February 2016

Word Definition
habendumThe part of a deed that limits the extent of ownership.
halierA former monetary unit of Slovakia.
halwa(Hindi) a sweet Indian dish.
hamatsaA dance inspired by the spirit of a man-eating monster.
hamfatAn amateurish performer.
handlineA fishing line worked by hand.
hangryIrritable as a result of feeling hungry.
happi(Japanese) a loose Japanese coat.
hardbagA rigid container on a motorcycle; a type of electronically generated dance music.
hashtagA word or name preceded by a hash symbol used to indicate the contents of a message on a social media site.
hauloutThe action of hauling a boat out of water.
haun(Scots) a hand.
haweaterA resident of Manitoulin Island, Ontario.
headpondA pond created behind a dam.
heckuvaA heck of a.
heliskiTo ski down mountains reached by helicopter.
helitackThe use of helicopters to fight forest fires.
hexaglotA book written in six languages.
hitmakerA musician who produces bestselling records.
hmmmAn interjection expressing thoughtful consideration.
holmeAn island in a river.
holubtsi(Polish) cabbage rolls.
hopak(Russian) a Ukrainian dance.
horndogA sexually aggressive man.
horsieA child's name for a horse.
hotlinerSomeone running a radio call-in show.
hostlessLacking a host.
hushabyeGo to sleep.
horkTo spit.