Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with S.

First published in February 2017

Word Definition
soulsterA singer of soul music.
sourgumA softwood tree of eastern North America.
sowbugA woodlouse.
soymealThe residue of the extraction of oil from soybean seeds.
spectA nonstandard form of expect.
spimmerA person who sends unsolicited commercial communications via an instant-messaging system.
spittlyLike or covered with spittle.
spittyMarked with saliva.
splurtTo gush forth in a stream or jet.
spoonerOne who engages in spooning (amorous behaviour).
spritzyEmitting a spray.
sprogletA small child.
spudgelA bucket attached to a long pole.
spurdogThe dogfish.
squirlAn ornamental curve in handwriting.
stakerOne that marks off an area with stakes.
stepdadA stepfather.
steplessLacking steps.
stepmomA stepmother.
steraneA chemical compound.
steviaA S. American plant cultivated for its sweet-tasting leaves; an extract of this plant used to sweeten foods.
stingeA stingy person.
stonecutA print made from an image engraved on a stone.
striatalRelating to the corpus striatum, the great ganglion of the forebrain.
sudokuA type of puzzle in which numbers must be entered into a square grid in such a way that no number is repeated in any row, column or internal square.
sumiA type of black Japanese ink.
suncareProtection of the skin from damage by the sun.
syconA type of sponge.