Flowering Plants.

First published in February 2018

Word Definition
crocinePertaining to the crocus.
cumbungiA tall Australian marsh plant.
cunjevoiA tall Australian plant of the arum family whose corms were formerly cooked as food; a kind of sea squirt found on Australian reefs and rocks and used as bait.
curcumaAny plant of the genus Curcuma (of the ginger family), esp one yielding turmeric.
cytisusA plant of the broom genus.
daggaIndian hemp; also, an African labiate plant smoked as a narcotic.
damewortA cruciferous plant, remarkable for its fragrance, esp toward the close of the day.
daturaA genus of solanaceous plants, with large funnel-shaped flowers and a four-celled, capsular fruit.
dayshellA dialect word for thistle.
dentariaAny plant of the genus Dentaria, that includes toothwort.
dianthusA genus of plants including the pink, carnation, and sweet william.
diasciaA plant of the genus Diascia, native to southern Africa, cultivated for its colourful, pink flowers.
dicentraAny plant of the Dicentra genus of the fumitory family.
dielytraAn erroneous name for dicentra, a genus of herbaceous plants.
dillweedThe leaves of the dill plant.
dittanyA plant of the mint family, a native of Crete.
dropwortA wild flower, a species of Spiraea.
droseraA genus of insectivorous plants that includes the sundew.
dumbcaneA poisonous tropical plant.
earthnutA pignut.
echiumAny plant of the genus echium.
eelgrassAny of several submerged marine flowering plants with ribbonlike leaves.
elodeaAn American genus of Hydrocharitaceae, to which the Canadian waterweed belongs.
epacridA member of an Australian genus of heathlike plants.
ephedraA plant of the sea-grape genus.
episciaA tropical American herb related to the African violet.
equisetaPlural of EQUISETUM, a plant, horsetail.
eremurusA flower, the foxtail lily.