Words Containing The Letter X

First published in January 2009

Word Definition
ADDAXA kind of antelope with curled horns.
AXEBIRDA nightjar of Queensland.
AXIONA hypothetical subatomic particle.
BOXENMade of boxwood.
BONXIEA bird, the great skua.
BRAXYA disease of sheep.
CIMEXA bed-bug.
DENTEXA voracious fish related to perch.
DRUXYOf timber, having decayed spots concealed by healthy timber.
EXACTAA type of horse-racing bet.
HEXADA group of six.
GALAXA heath-like evergreen plant of the southwestern US.
HAPAXA word that occurs only once.
IXODIDA kind of tick.
JYNXAn old name for the wryneck.
MALAXTo soften by kneading.
MIREXA kind of insecticide.
MIXTEDenoting a type of bicycle frame.
OXTERThe armpit.
PANCHAXAny of several kinds of brightly coloured aquarium fish.
RHEXISRupture of a blood-vessel.
SAXONYA fine soft woollen fabric.
SILVEXA kind of herbicide.
SOREXA genus of shrew.
SYRINXThe vocal organ of birds.
TAXUSAn evergreen shrub.
VITEXA shrub of the verbena family.
WRAXLETo wrestle.
XERAFINA former silver coin of Goa.
YEXTo hiccup.