Useful words of Japanese Origin.

First published in January 2010

Word Definition
akitaa large powerfully built breed of Japanese dog.
animea genre of Japanese film based on manga comics.
aramea type of seaweed
bonzea Japanese or Chinese Buddhist religious teacher.
budothe system or philosophy of the martial arts.
daikona long white Japanese root vegetable similar to a radish.
dashia clear fish stock used in Japanese cooking.
enokia thin white edible mushroom native to Japan.
fugua toxin-containing fish
fujia silk fabric
garithinly sliced pickled ginger, often served with SUSHI.
genroa group of Japanese elder statemen.
gyozaa fried dumpling.
habua poisonous snake.
haniwaJapanese clay sculptures. No -S hook!
hizena type of richly decorated Japanese porcelain.
imaria type of Japanese porcelain
inroa small Japanese container for pills and medicines. No S!
ippona clean throw in judo.
jomona particular era in Japanese history.
kagoa Japanese basketwork PALANQUIN.
kaizenthe Japanese principle of continuously improving work practice.
kakia kind of fruit, like a persimmon.
kamia Japanese divine being.
kanaJapanese syllabic writing.
kantenagar-agar jelly.
kendoa Japanese martial art, stick fighting.
kibeian American Japanese educated in Japan.
kojia fungus used to initiate fermentation in making soy sauce.
kotoa Japanese musical instrument.
kudzuan Asian vine