Cats and Cat-related words.

First published in January 2011

Word Definition
alleycatA stray cat living in alleys and back streets.
baudrons(Scots) a quasi-proper name for the cat; also for the hare.
bobcatA short-tailed N. American lynx.
caracal(Turkish) a kind of wild cat.
cattishCatlike; feline.
chetah(Hindi) a hunting cat of Africa. Also CHEETAH.
clowderA collective name for a number of cats.
cougarA PUMA. Also COUGUAR.
eyra(Guarani) a S. American wild cat.
felidA member of the cat family.
korat(Thai) a cat having a silver-blue coat.
leonineOf or like a lion.
libbard(Arch.) a leopard.
ligerA cross between a lion and a tigress.
lionlyLike a lion; fierce.
lynceanLynx-like; sharp-sighted.
manul(Mongolian) a kind of Central Asian wild cat.
margay(Tupi) a spotted S. American tiger-cat.
moggy(Coll.) a cat. Also MOGGIE.
oceloidOf or like an OCELOT.
ocelot(Nahuatl) a kind of cat.
ocicatA large short-haired cat with spotted coat.
pardalA leopard. Also PARD, PARDALE, PARDALIS.
ramcatA male cat.
rooikat(Afrikaans) a S. African lynx.
rumpyA Manx cat.
serval(Portuguese) a long-legged African wildcat with a yellowish coat and black spots.
simba(Swahili) a lion.
sphynxA breed of cat.
tiglonA cross between a tiger and a lioness. Also TIGON.
tigrineOf or pertaining to a tiger; like a tiger.