First published in January 2012

Word Definition
adipicof fat, only in adipic acid.
alginicas in alginic acid, an acid obtained from certain seaweeds.
anisicof or derived from anise; as, anisic acid.
ascorbicantiscorbutic, as in ascorbic acid.
benzoicrelating to benzoin, as in benzoic acid, found in benzoin and other gums.
boracicof or relating to borax or boron; (coll.) skint.
butyricas in butyric acid, an acid found in butter.
capricapplied to a type of fatty acid, having a goatlike smell.
caproicapplied to a type of fatty acid, having a goatlike smell.
caprylicapplied to a type of fatty acid, having a goatlike smell.
carbamicpertaining to an acid so called.
caseicof or pertaining to cheese; as, caseic acid.
ceroticpertaining to, or derived from, beeswax; as, cerotic acid.
cholicrelating to bile, as in cholic acid.
citricderived from citrus fruits.
cresylicrelating to cresol, a compound found in tar and creosote, as in cresylic acid.
crotonicas in crotonic acid, a colourless acid.
cyanicof or belonging to cyanogen, as in cyanic acid
decanoicas in decanoic acid.
domoicas in domoic acid, a poisonous amino acid found in marine algae.
ellagicrelating to gallnuts, as, ellagic acid.
ergoticpertaining to, or derived from, ergot; as, ergotic acid.
erucicas in erucic acid, a crystalline fatty acid.
ethanoicdenoting a type of acid, aka acetic acid.
ferricof iron; containing iron in its trivalent form.
fumaricas in fumaric acid, an acid which occurs in fumitory and other plants.
fusidicdenoting a type of acid.
gallicas in gallic acid, a crystalline substance present in gallnuts, tea, and various plants.
glycolicpertaining to, or derived from, glycol; as glycolic acid.
guanylicas in guanylic acid.
hexanoicas in hexanoic acid, an insoluble oily carboxylic acid.