Landscape Features.

First published in January 2013

Word Definition
aiguille(Fr.) a needle-like peak of rock.
antiduneA sandhill that forms a steep slope against the direction of the prevailing current.
arete(Fr.) a narrow, saw-toothed mountain ridge developed by glacier erosion in adjacent cirques.
arroyo(Spanish) a dry desert gully.
bajada(Spanish) a broad, sloping depositional deposit caused by the coalescing of alluvial fans.
barchan(Turkestan) a crescent-shaped dune.
barranca(Spanish) a ravine caused by heavy rains or a watercourse.
bayou(Am. Ind.) the marshy offshoot of a lake or river.
bolson(Spanish) a basin-shaped depression surrounded by mountains, esp in the southern US and Mexico.
braeheid(Scots) the summit of a hill or slope.
cajon(Spanish) a steep canyon.
canada(Spanish) a narrow canyon (the n has a tilde).
carse(Scots) alluvial lowland beside a river.
cenote(Mayan) a deep natural hole in the ground with a pool at the bottom, esp in the Yucatan peninsula, often used by the Mayas as a place of sacrifice.
cerradoAn area of wooded savanna in S. America.
chott(Arabic) a shallow saline lake of northern Africa; the dried bed of such a lake.
cleeve(Dial.) a cliff, a hillside.
corcass(Irish) in Ireland, a salt-marsh, or land susceptible to flooding by a river.
couloir(Fr.) a steep mountainside gorge.
creston(Spanish) an outcrop.
dimbleA deep narrow wooded valley, a dell.
djebel(Arabic) a hill, a range of mountains.
dolina(Russian) a typically funnel-shaped basin in a karstic region.
donga(Zulu) a gully made by soil erosion.
drumlinA long hill formed by glacial retreat.
escarA long narrow ridge of gravel deposited by a glacial stream.
fjeld(Norwegian) a high, barren Scandinavian plateau.
fumeroleA hole in a volcanic region from which hot gases and vapors issue.
fynbos(Afrikaans) in S. Africa, an area of low shrubs.
garigue(Fr.) an uncultivated open scrubland of the Mediterranean region.
geestAlluvial matter on the surface of land, not of recent origin.