Trees and Shrubs.

First published in January 2014

Word Definition
rhamnusA genus of shrubs and small trees, aka buckthorn.
rhatanyA type of S. American shrub with astringent roots.
rhodie(Coll.) a rhododendron.
rhodoraA N. American azalea, bearing rose-purple flowers before the leaves.
rhusA genus of shrubs and small trees.
rimuA coniferous New Zealand tree.
robiniaA genus of leguminous trees including the common locust of N. America.
robleA name for various species of oak.
romneyaA genus of shrubs of the poppy family.
roselleAn E. Indian hibiscus.
sabalA variety of palm tree.
sabineAn evergreen shrub.
saksaulA low, thick, grotesquely contorted tree of the saltbush family found on the steppes of Asia.
salalA N.W. American shrub of the heather family.
salleeA species of acacia.
samaanA tree of the mimosa family, aka rain-tree.
santolA tropical tree yielding a yellow fruit.
saouariA tree of Guiana, yielding butternuts.
sapotaA Mexican tree, or its edible fruit.
sapucaiaA S. American tree, related to the Brazil nut; the oily edible seed of this.
sauchA Scots word for sallow, a kind of willow.
savinA species of juniper.
sebestenAn oriental tree; its edible plumlike fruit.
seringaA Brazilian tree yielding rubber.
shagbarkA rough-barked species of hickory, aka shellbark.
shallonAn evergreen shrub of NW America, aka salal.
sheaAn African tree, from the seeds of which a substance resembling butter is obtained.
shittahA tree referred to in the Bible, probably a species of acacia.
simarubaA tropical American tree.
skimmiaAn Asiatic shrub with holly-like leaves and fragrant panicles of flowers.
snowbellA flowering shrub with white flowers.