Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with G.

First published in January 2016

Word Definition
gachTo behave boastfully.
gallowayA breed of hornless cattle.
gamebagA leather or canvas bag for carrying hunted game (esp birds).
gamefishA fish caught for sport.
gangboA civil order restricting the activities of a gang member.
gangleTo move awkwardly.
gasthausA small hotel in Germany.
gawmogeA clownish person.
gazang(Of the seller of a house) to inconvenience (a potential buyer) by withdrawing from an agreement to sell shortly before the purchase is completed.
geekishSomewhat like a geek.
gelcoatA surface layer of polyester resin.
geocacheTo search for hidden objects using GPS.
geodataInformation about the geographical location of objects.
gloveboxA compartment in a car for gloves etc.
gluconicAs in gluconic acid, an acid that occurs naturally in fruit and wine.
glutchTo gulp or swallow.
goatseA deliberately shocking and offensive, usually pornographic, image placed maliciously by someone into a website.
godawfulExtremely unpleasant.
goofusA foolish or stupid person.
gooneryThuggish behaviour.
gorefestA movie featuring much bloodshed.
gothyRelating to Gothic music or fashion.
grampyA grandfather.
grayheadOne with grey hair.
grizA grizzly bear.
guarache(Spanish) a flat-heeled sandal.
guinepA tropical American tree; its orange-like fruit.
gummiA rubbery, flavored candy.
gurglyMaking bubbling sounds.
gyno(Short for) a gynoecologist.