Words newly available in September 2015 beginning with S.

First published in January 2017

Word Definition
sinkfulThe contents of a sink.
sippableCapable of being sipped.
sistaAn African-American woman.
sixishAround six years of age.
skedTo schedule.
skeevyRepulsive, disgusting.
skiorerOne who engages in the sport of skijoring.
skogTo shelter.
skyglowA glow in the night sky resulting from urban lights.
slahalA team game played by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.
slimebagAn odious and contemptible person.
slomoA slow-motion film.
slurveA type of pitch in baseball.
smootheTo make smooth.
smorg(Short for) smorgasbord.
snackySuitable as a light meal.
snaggerA person who uses illegal fishing methods.
snaggleA tangled or knotted mass.
snarfleTo snarl.
snittyDisagreeably ill-tempered.
snivelyGiven to snivelling.
snoggerOne that snogs.
snooseChewing tobacco.
snowfleaA wingless insect appearing on snow in the spring.
soapdishA dish for holding soap.
soapfishA tropical fish that produces toxic mucus.
soddieA house built of sod.
sojuA Korean vodka distilled from rice or sweet potato.
soolerOne who sools, incites a dog to attack.
soonishSomewhat soon.
sorbitanA chemical compound.