Flowering Plants.

First published in January 2018

Word Definition
cardonA variety of cactus.
cardoonA thistle-like plant.
cassavaA tropical plant whose roots yield a valuable starch.
celosiaAn ornamental plant of the amaranth family.
centauryA plant of the genus Centaurium, of the gentian family, usually with pink flowers.
cereusA genus of plants of the Cactus family, native to America.
chayaAn Indian plant of the madder family whose root chayroot yields a red dye.
cheloneA genus of hardy perennial flowering plants, natives of N. America.
chenopodAny flowering plant of the family Chenopodiaceae, the goosefoots.
cicoreeA perennial herb.
cicutaThe hemlock plant.
cilantroAnother name for coriander.
claddieA native New Zealand flax plant, aka korari.
clarkiaAny plant of the N. American genus Clarkia, a favourite border plant.
cleomeAn aromatic plant with white or purplish flowers.
cliversA country name for goosegrass.
cliviaA leek-like S. African plant.
clotburAnother name for burdock.
clusiaAny member of the genus Clusia of evergreen climbing plants.
cohoshA perennial American herb whose rootstock is used in medicine.
colewortA variety of cabbage in which the leaves never form a compact head.
columneaA bushy tropical plant.
copihueA climbing vine, aka Chilean bellflower.
cosmeaA plant of the genus cosmos.
costmaryA garden plant having a strong balsamic smell, aka alecost, used as a pot herb and salad plant and in flavoring ale and beer.
cowageA leguminous climbing plant with crooked pods covered with sharp stinging hairs.
cowbaneThe water hemlock, often poisonous to cattle.
cowbindA species of bryony.
cowherbA European flowering plant related to the carnation.
cowitchSame as cowage, a leguminous climbing plant with crooked pods covered with sharp stinging hairs.
crinumA family of tropical plants, having strap-like leaves and lilylike flowers.