Words useful for dumping excess vowels

First published in July 2009

Word Definition
aaliia kind of tropical tree.
afaraa kind of W. African tree.
ageusialack of the sense of taste.
ahurua small pink cod of SW Pacific waters.
aiolia garlic-flavoured mayonnaise.
aituin Polynesia, a demigod.
atigia kind of parka worn in Canada.
bututa monetary unit of Gambia.
douleiain Roman Catholicism, the inferior veneration accorded to saints and angels.
eevenan old word for evening.
emceea master of ceremonies.
litai(Pl.) LITAS, a former monetary unit of Lithuania.
looiea colloquial word for lieutenant.
miritia kind of palm tree.
modii(Pl.) MODIUS, a cylindrical headdress of the gods.
monoaoa New Zealand plant with rigid leaves.
nigiria small oval block of cold rice, wasabi and fish.
oidia(Pl.) OIDIUM, a thin-walled fungal spore.
ooriea Scots word for dingy, shabby.
ovoloa moulding with the rounded part comprised of a quarter circle.
peweea small N. American bird.
potooa large South American bird.
pudua very small deer, native of the Chilian Andes.
rotoloan Italian unit of weight.
rurua kind of owl found in New Zealand.
shiaia Japanese word for a judo contest.
taataan East African word for father.
unaia two-toed sloth.
uraei(Pl.) URAEUS, an Egyptian symbol of kingship.
urubuthe American black vulture.
waiataa Maori song.