Forenames which are valid scrabble words.

First published in July 2010

Word Definition
alana large hunting dog
alberta pocket watch
aleca herring
annaa former coin of India
basilan aromatic herb
benjamina kind of overcoat
bennyan amphetamine tablet
berthaa wide collar
betha Hebrew letter
brada thin nail
carla peasant
clarencea closed carriage
daphnea flowering shrub
davya safety lamp
dextersituated on the right
florencea former gold coin of Europe
fritza non-functioning state
gilberta unit of magnetomotive force
grahamwhole wheat flour
henrya unit of inductance
homerto hit a home run in baseball
jakeall right, fine
janea girl or woman
jennya female donkey
jimmyto pry open with a crowbar
joeya young kangaroo
johna toilet
josepha woman's long cloak
joshto tease
judasa peephole
lamberta unit of illumination