Weather and the Atmospere.

First published in July 2012

Word Definition
calima(Spanish) a dust storm or cloud that spreads from the Sahara into southern Europe.
fogdogA whiteish spot seen near the horizon in fog.
haarA raw sea-mist.
hyetalRainy; of or pertaining to rainfall.
iceblinkA glare in the sky caused by light reflected off ice.
isohyetA line drawn on a map connecting points that receive equal amounts of rainfall.
metcastA weather forecast.
mistbowA whiteish arch like a rainbow, seen in mist, aka fogbow.
mistleTo rain in very fine drops.
moch(Scots) misty or humid weather.
moonbowA rainbow cast by the moon.
niveousOf or relating to snow.
nubilousCloudy; vague.
onding(Scots) a sudden onset of rain or snow.
pogonip(Am. Ind.) a dense winter fog containing frozen particles that is formed in deep mountain valleys of the western U.S.
rainbandA dark band in the earth's atmosphere, caused by the presence of water vapour in the earth's atmosphere.
roky(Dial.) misty; foggy; cloudy.
serein(Fr.) fine tropical rain falling from an apparently cloudless night sky.
smazeA smoke haze.
sundogA bright spot or halo appearing on either side of sun, aka parhelion.
udometerAn instrument for measuring rainfall.
unsunnyNot sunny.
verglas(Fr.) a film of ice on rock.
virga(Lat.) a trail of water-drops coming from cloud but not reaching the ground as precipitation.
waterdogA small cloud supposed to indicate rain.
whiteoutA condition of zero visibility caused by snow.
woolpackCirrocumulus cloud.