First published in July 2013

Word Definition
naartje(Afrikaans) a small sweet orange like the mandarin.
nashi(Japanese) an Asian pear.
neliesA winter pear.
oilnutA kind of nut, aka buffalo nut.
orleansA variety of plum.
pearmainA type of apple.
pembina(Am. Ind.) the bush cranberry.
peponidaAny fleshy fruit with a firm rind, as a pumpkin, melon, or gourd.
pignoli(Ital.) the edible kernels of pine cones.
plumcotA hybrid of a plum and an apricot.
pomeroyAn old variety of apple.
pomwater(Shakesp.) a sweet juicy apple.
prunello(Ital.) a fine kind of prune, esp one made from a greengage.
quodlinA variety of elongated apple.
rambutan(Malay) a tree of the same family as the lychee; its edible fruit.
reinette(Fr.) a name given to many different kinds of apples, mostly of French origin.
ribierA large black grape.
ribstonA variety of winter apple brought from Normandy to Ribston Hall in Yorkshire.
rizzart(Scots) a redcurrant.
sabra(Hebrew) a prickly-pear fruit; also, a native Israeli.
saligot(Fr.) the water chestnut.
seckelA small reddish brown sweet and juicy pear.
semillonA grape used to make wine.
sharonAs in sharon fruit, persimmon. No -S.
spartanA crisp red-skinned eating apple of a variety orig bred in Canada to withstand cold winters.
sturmerA variety of dessert apple.
tangeloA hybrid between a tangerine orange and a pomelo.
tayberryA hybrid plant, a blackberry crossed with a raspberry.
wampee(Chinese) an edible Asiatic fruit about the size of a large grape, with a hard yellow rind.
winesapA variety of apple.
yuzu(Japanese) a type of citrus fruit.